Dinh huong cua LibreOffice: Khong ho tro write cac format khong open

Định hướng:

Với các format không mở và không chuẩn (ví dụ StarOffice, MSOffice), thì

1. LibO chỉ hỗ trợ đọc vào
2. Và không hỗ trợ đọc ra

Làm những việc này chỉ nối giáo cho giặc mã đóng và chuẩn đóng,
nghĩa là không khuyến khích LibO và ODF.

Quyết định này mang tính chính trị nhiều hơn là kỹ thuật.
Mời các bác chém thoải mải.
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From: Pierre-André Jacquod
Date: 2011/1/24
Subject: [Libreoffice] Announcement: StarOffice file-format not
available any more for saving
To: LibreOffice List

from now I have started to delete within binfilter the code allowing to
*save* using the StarOffice file format. The import (read) is
still possible and will remain. Bye bye saving sdw, sxw ....

This will of course not happens in one go...

With this push, I have done the following changes:
* StarWriter does not export anymore
* start of deletion of functions within binfilter/bf_sw, i.e StarWriter

For testing:
I have my set of files created with those formats, allowing me to test
the reading functionality while deleting code. But if other wants to
test it to ensure also that nothing has been broken, I would be happy.

In order to allow interested to test easily, I will push my changes to
master at periodic intervals (each 2-3 weeks, I think/hope if free time
allows), grouping them and making a short announce as reply to this mail.

Best regards

PS: do not forget the --enable-binfilter flag, if you want to check it

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