LibO/OOo: repeat the *last* recent action

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On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 10:24 AM, Do Hong Phuc wrote:
> In Excel, F4 does function as repeating the most recent action while in
> LibO, F4 key acts as Data Sources.
> How we can assign F4 to repeat the most recent action?
Under OOo/LibO, I don't think we can bind that feature to a key other
than default.

Under Windows, I use Ctrl+Y to repeat the *last* recent action.
LibO/OOo: It is Ctrl+Shift-Y

I think that Ctrl-Y is easier the press; or we can assign
another key combos like Ctrl-2, Ctrl-3
# Are they assigned yet?

More OT:
Under Linux, we can use keymap to bind any keys.
Is that a good idea to make (as much as possible) LibO's shortcuts configurable?

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