#CodingDojo Ha Noi #2

the first edition of the CodingDojo in Ha Noi was a great success.
More than 10 attendees.
We didn't success to solve completely our first problem: TennisKata,
but i guess most of the people really enjoy the venue.

A second edition of the CodingDojo will take place at the same place
(CNF) next Saturday from 2pm to 4pm (April 23th). As the first session
is already done, we will start by a retrospective
of the previous session and will choose another kata. If you want to
prepare something for the next session, you are welcome (any language
can be used) !
We will discuss at the beginning of the session and choose one kata.
If you prepare something and we select something else to do, this is
not lost, we will do it in a future sessions.
There some ideas of exercices suitable for a Kata here: http://codingdojo.org/

I put the pictures of Coding Dojo here:
The Python code of the first randori session is available on github:
https://github.com/HaNoiCodingDojo/kata1 with an MIT licence.

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