Hackfest in Hanoi (brainstorming)

Take a look at:
This a a hackfest (hacking festival) closed to gnome 3, by hackers and for hackers.

A workshop on FOSS development and related issuses on FOSS should be better
in Vietnam because FOSS community in Vietnam is too small.

In short, anything innovation and "new" fits the hackfest.

Do you have anything new to share?

Some topics I am think of

- Coding Dojo (Duong and Serge)
- a11y hacking (Duong and arky)
- (howto and hack) gnome shell hacking (xml and css) (someone at asianux)
- SugarCRM, Zimbra hacking (Truong Anh Tuan)
- (How to) Creating a module for an ERP software (someone at VIAMI. Note: the ERP can be closed source)
- you?
- Leadership and management for FOSS communities in Vietnam (myself)
- Ruby on rails MVC model (hack and howto)
- Ruby

Depends on the number of the topics, we can have more than one sessions.

Date: June or July
Location: Hanoi (and Saigon?)

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